3 Ways Volkswagen Green Technology is Innovating the World

On a small Greek island in the Mediterranean sea, an experiment is underway. It will help reduce carbon emissions and switch over to renewable energy. One of the companies partnering with the island community of Astypalea is Volkswagen.

Volkswagen will provide up to 1,000 all-electric vehicles for ride-sharing services. The program includes hundreds of VW electric car chargers installed across the island. It’s one of many measures Volkswagen is taking to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Is the environment important to you? Read on for three more green innovations from Volkswagen.

1. For Volkswagen Green is More Than a Color

Terry Volkswagen Outlet is proud to be a Volkswagen dealer. Lynchburg, VA, is currently undergoing an initiative to reduce Virginia greenhouse gas emissions by 30%.

Volkswagen aims to reduce its cars’ carbon footprint by 30% and become one of the first car manufacturers to become carbon neutral. They updated and improved manufacturing practices and advanced fuel efficiency. New electric vehicles like the ID.4, showcase their focus on sustainability.

2. Sustainability Built on Innovative Ideas

Volkswagen automobiles are among the most fuel-efficient globally. VW is innovating across all vehicle types. One step they are taking is in the area of bio-diesel – a renewable and biodegradable fuel.

Most diesel fuel contains approximately 7% biodiesel. Volkswagen is fueling cars at one of its plants with the new R33 BlueDiesel. It has a total biofuel content of 33% with a 20% decrease in CO2 emissions.

Volkswagen continues to innovate in fuel composition and efficiency. Their goal is to decrease the environmental footprint of their vehicles. No other car manufacturer is doing more to improve quality and reduce environmental impact

3. Environmental Efforts That Hit Home

Since 2015, Volkswagen has concentrated its efforts to create fuel-efficient automobiles. For Terry Volkswagen, Lynchburg, VA, that means customers can drive a car with a lower environmental impact.

In 2019, the Volkswagen Jetta was a finalist for Green Car of the Year. Advancements in the new VW Passat create a reduction of global warming potential of 15%. Fuel efficiency is higher in all VW models, including the powerful Atlas SUV.

In nearly every category, Volkswagen has superior fuel efficiency to similar cars. That means you’ll have lower fuel costs. And everyone will enjoy a cleaner environment.

Environmental Commitment From The Factory to Your Driveway

Volkswagen’s green initiatives are part of the manufacturing culture. VW is committed to efficient production processes and carbon-neutral delivery practices. They manufacture fuel-efficient cars and all-electric models.

The result is a new class of environmentally-friendly vehicles for drivers in Lynchburg, Virginia. Volkswagen is leading the way with bio-diesel production, all-electric cars, and cleaner manufacturing processes.

Come by and visit us at Terry VW to see why our dealership is the top choice of car owners in Lynchburg. During your visit, you can test-drive a new or used Volkswagen. You’ll fall in love with the quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly features of our new and used Volkswagens.