4 Benefits of Choosing a Used Volkswagen as Your First Car

Buying your first car is a big milestone.

If you’ve worked hard to save up and build your credit, then you’re ready to dive into the world of car shopping. While it may be tempting to test drive a brand new vehicle, often a used car is a better choice for your first vehicle.

Here are some benefits of buying a used Volkswagen when you’re just starting out.

1. Used Volkswagen: Reliability is Key

Volkswagen car reliability is well known in the car world. They last for a long time like Hondas and Toyotas, longer than say a Dodge or a Land Rover. If you’re careful in your selection of a used Volkswagen, you can expect to get plenty more mileage out of the vehicle.

However, make sure you find out how the past owners treated the car. If you can find a one-owner vehicle, that’s even better. Look for accidents, history of maintenance, and other important information.

There’s a big difference in a Volkswagen that’s been taken care of and one that’s been treated poorly. The latter will last longer and be a much better used car for your first vehicle.

2. Save Money

Used vehicle prices are much lower than new cars. Most of the depreciation is done by the time you buy a used car, versus a new car which loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot. You’re also getting other price advantages when you buy a pre-owned vehicle.

You save financing fees because you can pay it off faster than a new car. Your payments are lower because the overall price is less. Many used cars also have a certification and warranty that comes with them.

3. Volkswagen Choices

Every year, around 350 new car models are introduced. Yet they don’t all stick around for very long. If there’s a model you loved that Volkswagen doesn’t make anymore, then the only way to get it is by buying used.

The variety in models increases exponentially when you buy a used Volkswagen for your first car. You also have the advantage of history on your side because you can research which older models are more reliable, while a new car doesn’t yet have the history behind it.

4. Better Insurance Prices

To insure a new car, you’ll have higher premiums, so you’ll save money every year if you opt for a used car. It makes sense because it costs the insurance company more to replace a newer car.

Yet one of the advantages of buying used is that the cost of insurance goes way down. Your registration fees with the state will also be lower in a used car. If saving money is your goal, then a used car with lower insurance payments is the way to go.

Less Risk

Overall, you have less of a risk when you buy a used Volkswagen than when you buy a new car. Because your investment is so much lower and the reliability is high, it’s a safer option.

While there is always some risk with a large purchase, you’re better able to do the research required when you choose a used vehicle because more information is available.

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