5 Benefits of Buying New Cars Over Older Models

When it comes to buying a car there’s no question that the ‘money-saving experts’ will be pointing you in the direction of buying second-hand instead of buying new cars. But the only thing on their hymn sheet is saving on the initial cost.

If your budget allows it, then buying a new car is almost always a better choice. Let’s take a closer look at why.

5 Advantages of Buying New Cars

There’s more to buying a new car than the satisfaction of driving away from the showroom with that new car smell filling your nostrils. So before you roll the dice on a used car here are 5 reasons to buy a new one.

1. Better Warranties for Vehicles

All new cars come with what’s known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty that will cover your car for a minimum of 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Our ‘The People First Warranty’ covers you for double that.

These warranties are included in the price of the car. When you buy used you might only get a basic warranty which covers the car for 3 months or 3500 miles, but if you require anything longer than this you will probably need to pay for an extended warranty on top of the car price.

2. Reliability

Perhaps think of your new car like a new pet. You know exactly where it has been, who it has been driven by. You know if it’s been in any accidents, and you know if it has any recurring faults. With a used car you can never be so sure.

When buying a new car you can be sure that your motor vehicle is fresh from the factory and has recently been thoroughly inspected and tested before You drive away with it.

3. High-Tech Features

Each year new cars boast new technology, and the only way to keep up is to buy new. New cars can come with heads-up displays, Bluetooth connectivity, voice-messaging, and onboard wi-fi all as standard. Not to mention the latest technology that contributes to improved fuel efficiency and better safety for you and your family.

4. Safety Features

In the early 1900s rear-view mirrors began to appear, and then laminated glass started to be used for the windshield. Then came seat-belts and the airbag. Nowadays we have adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems.

New cars often come with a rear-view camera, side-impact airbags, and forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking. Buying a new car ensures that you are up to date with all the possible safety.

5. Finance

The initial cost of buying a new car might be more expensive, but car manufacturers have thought of that, and as a result you get much better finance options when buying a new car.

Used cars will leave you paying a higher interest rate than what you’d par when you get a new car on finance. Car manufacturers offer incentives such as 0% interest for the first three years or cashback incentives

All You Need Now Are the Fluffy Dice

That’s five good reasons for buying new cars. With so much more in the way of reliability and great financial incentives there really is no need to take the gamble of buying a used car.

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