A Driver’s Guide to Finding the Safest Family Car

Did you know that over 4 million people were injured in car accidents in the USA in 2019? This figure goes to show that despite the increase in education regarding safe driving practices in the last few years, accidents still happen with frightening regularity.

You no doubt give the highest priority to the safety of your family. How can you be sure that should the worst happen and you suffer an accident, your family will be protected?

Why not read our in-depth article to learn more about key safety features. You can be sure that by working with the experts in Lynchburg, you will be able to find the safest family car possible.

Safety Standards

To find the safest car in its class that can provide the best protection for your family,  why not take a look at industry standards?

One of the most recognized vehicle safety standards in the world is the Euro NCAP standards. The VW Tiguan earned 5 stars out of a possible five stars.

It was one of the few vehicles to receive an almost perfect 100% rating for adult occupation and protection. The child occupant protection rating was rated as an impressive 84%.

However, depending on your needs, you may be looking for a car that has specific safety technologies. What could some of these be?

Inbuilt Safety Technology

Volkswagen Family vehicles come with a rich array of safety and security devices. The VW Allspace Tiguan for example comes with lane-keeping assistance and automatic emergency braking at low speed. This is in addition to the usual host of airbags and stability and traction control systems.

The Tiguan also has a feature called Dynamic Light Assist. This means that when driving with full-beam selected, the vehicle will use smart technology to ensure that the beam does not blind oncoming drivers.

The VW Atlas 2021 also has state of the art technologies including forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. It also has standard blind-spot monitoring to help you see dangers even when they are in hard to see locations.


Is performance a safety feature? If you have ever overtaken a 16-wheel truck only to find that the truck has started to increase speed, you will know why sometimes you need a little extra power under the hood.

The Atlas comes with a choice of two engines, four and v6 engine option. These engines allow you to transport your family and a full load of belongings and never feel underpowered.

The Tiguan also comes with a well powered 4-cylinder engine that sends 180 bhp to the wheels. Despite its understated looks, the Tiguan packs all the power you need.

How to Identify the Safest Family Car with Our Lynchburg VW Options

In today’s pandemic hit world, traveling by car is one of the safest forms of transport available. In the USA you can literally travel for thousands of miles and take your family on fascinating vacations without stepping into public transport and potentially dangerous situations.

To ensure that you are taking your family in the safest family car possible, why not pay us a visit in Lynchburg for the best VW options. We leverage our experience as drivers and family members to ensure that you get premium services and the best deals.

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