A Quick Overview of the Volkswagen Arteon

For close to 100 years, Volkswagen has been a name synonymous with reliable engineering. The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon continues that tradition at an MSRP under $40,000. This car offers premium sedan features at a price that won’t break the bank.

Feeling like the gas mileage on the Cross Sport comes in a little low for you? Looking for a more distinctive look than the Passat offers? Keep reading and we’ll help you figure out if the Arteon will suit your needs.

Volkswagen Arteon at a Glance

The Arteon has an elegant form factor with a timeless overall look. The 2021 model adds an LED light bar to the grille, giving it just a hint of modern style. The R-Line look can make the sedan just a little sportier, too.

The Arteon gets solid gas mileage for a premium sedan of its size. The EPA estimates its performance at 22 city, 32 highway, though as always this can vary with conditions. This beats out SUVs like the Volkswagen Atlas but comes in a little behind the Volkswagen Taos.

Smart Technology

The Arteon offers some state-of-the-art technology in the dashboard console. Whether you seek a more comfortable drive or the route to your destination, the Arteon will get you there.

The console includes a touchscreen that provides not just navigation features, but radio, phone, climate control, and other feature access as well. A second display behind the wheel lets you check navigation and other information without diverting your attention too far from the road.

Worried about getting your car started on a cold day, or just want to get in and drive with no fuss? The Arteon offers remote start.

Maybe you have trouble parallel parking, or a tendency to miss road signs. The Arteon’s Driver Assistance features, like park assist and dynamic road sign display, will help you drive without worrying.


IQ.DRIVE comes installed on all Volkswagen Arteons and helps drivers monitor the world around them. Take a look at some of the features IQ.DRIVE offers.

If you start to veer out of your own lane without signaling, IQ.DRIVE will warn you, encouraging you to remember your blinker or get back into your lane. It can also stop you from trying to change lanes with someone in your blind spot.

The Rear Traffic Alert and Front Assist features can further enhance the driving experience. IQ.DRIVE can notify you or even apply brake pressure if you might hit a vehicle or pedestrian.

Finally, in the event you become incapacitated while driving, IQ.DRIVE can, after several warnings, bring you to a safe, controlled stop. For Volkswagen, your safety comes first.

Give Volkswagen a Look

Maybe this all makes the Volkswagen Arteon seem like the car of your dreams. Maybe one of the other models we mentioned grabs your eye a little more.

Either way: you can’t go wrong with a Volkswagen. Give our new and pre-owned vehicles a look, and find the Volkswagen for you today.