How to Build a Volkswagen Electric Camper Van?

Demand for electric vehicles is increasing around the world. If you love a classic vehicle like the Volkswagen camper van, is there a way to meld timeless charm with new technology?

The VW camper van first rolled off the line and onto America’s streets in the 1950s. It exploded in popularity when it became the unofficial symbol of the 1960s counter-culture movement.

Now, if you’re looking for a VW electric camper van, you’ve got options. Keep reading to learn how to have the best of both worlds in your driveway.

Electric VW Vehicles

Volkswagen is already focused on an electric future. They’ve rolled out some exciting options in recent years and have plenty more ideas lined up for the future.

One of the most exciting recent developments is the ID4 electric vehicle. While the ID4 is a slick and stylish take on the average car, they’ve got a great option for van lovers.

The I.D. Buzz is an exciting take on the classic camper. The only problem is that it’s not coming to the U.S. until 2022.

What can you do if you want an electric camper van now? You can try to build one or mod one yourself.

VW Electric Camper Van Mods

Whether you’re looking to explore the popular van life movement or trying to reduce your carbon footprint, you can take steps to make your van electric. There are a few kits worth looking into.

For those interested in living the van lifestyle, you need the comforts of home modded out for the road. Think about heating, cooling, food storage, water usage, and mileage.

The PlugVan conversion kit easily slides into your existing van. It easily turns your available space into a mini apartment on wheels.

The Kepler Five is another easy-to-use mod that makes your van a home away from home. This one is different in that it moves the kitchen to the rear and makes the center of the van the living space.

Alternate Energy

While keeping it electric is ideal, it’s always good to have a backup plan. Maintain an alternative energy source for emergencies on the road so that you’re always prepared.

Try adding a solar panel to your van. At the very least, if something happens to your van, you’ll have a way to keep the air or heat on and keep your phone charged.

Ready for an Electric Adventure?

Ready to go on an all-electric adventure and explore the world in a more sustainable way? You’re ready for a VW electric camper van.

You’ve got tons of great options, from installing an easy-to-use kit to re-fitting the entire van to suit your specific vision. All of these projects will keep you busy until the I.D. Buzz arrives in 2022.

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