The 4 Best Features of the New Volkswagen Golf

Considering the Volkswagen Golf as your next car? Good choice!

The Golf is a high-performance vehicle with a sleek design and dependable engineering. It’s an affordable car whether you buy it new or certified pre-owned.

Still not convinced?

Check out the 4 best features that the new Volkswagen Golf has to offer. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to come visit us at Terry Volkswagen!

1. The Mobile Key

Your smartphone can already do so many things for you, why can’t it also be the key to your car? Well, if you buy the Volkswagen Golf, it can be! Volkswagen updated the Golf’s technology so that your Samsung smartphone doubles as the key to your new car.

You don’t need mobile service either! You will be asked to set up a one-time password and then you’ll be able to unlock the car just by approaching the door handle.

You can then place the phone in the center console and use it to turn the car on and off! You can set up the Golf mobile key on more than once device, so your family can enjoy the convenience too!

2. Reduced Emissions

At Volkswagen, we care about the environment. Which is why the new Volkswagen Golf has a mild hybrid system. You can experience the same level of power and performance while limiting emissions.

You will also save fuel using the coasting feature. You can enter coast mode with the engine completely turned off!

Come test it out for yourself at Volkswagen in Lynchburg, VA. We have a great variety of cars to choose from and test drive.

3. Travel Assist

The travel assist feature makes it safer and easier to drive the Volkswagen Golf. It’s a semi-autonomous driving system that is now a popular feature in many of the Volkswagen vehicles.

The Volkswagen Golf has adaptive cruise control which still requires some involvement from the driver for ultimate safety. It features lane-keeping assistance and automatic braking to stop the car.

The travel assist features make the new Volkswagen Golf safer and simpler to drive.

4. Upgraded Digital Panel

If you are already a loyal Volkswagen customer, you’re probably used to the control panel by now. But the Volkswagen Golf has taken VW into the modern age with an updated digital panel.

Now you have all of your controls conveniently located in one sleek panel. Lights, window heating, and windscreen heating are all controlled by a few buttons intuitively placed to the left side of the driver.

Ready to Buy a New Volkswagen Golf?

The features of the new Volkswagen Golf make it a premium vehicle in its class. These are just 4 of the exceptional features VW has added to the Golf.

If you want to see the new Golf along with the other top-of-the-line Volkswagen vehicles, contact us today or come visit us at Terry Volkswagen or the Terry Volkswagen outlet.