The 5 Best Volkswagen Cars If You’re Buying Used

Volkswagen didn’t go from being a strictly local manufacturer to the world’s largest and most successful carmaker for no reason.

As a brand, Volkswagen trades heavily on its reputation as a company that offers substance over style, with its main selling points being utility, reliability, durability, and value for money.

That’s why many of the best Volkswagen cars make solid choices for anyone in the market for a secondhand auto.

Volkswagen builds to last, with its most popular models often offering more mileage than anyone else in the market. If you’re looking to buy a pre-owned car, here are the top VW cars to consider. 

1. Volkswagen Golf MK7

The Golf has emerged as one of the Volkswagen top cars, beloved across the world and a consistent best-seller. This is in part due to the fact that it is one of the easiest cars to own in the world.

They rarely break down, the mileage is insane, and you get a lot of power for a low price.

It is for this reason why different Gold models have frequently been used by adventurers completing an around-the-world drive. If you want durable, choose a Golf. 

2. Volkswagen Passat B8

The Passat is the best Volkswagen for anyone in need of a spacious family car that is also economical.

While the Passat B8 boasts the roominess of a giant SUV, it is compact enough for parking to be a straightforward process.

In addition, it guzzles far less gas than similar family vehicles, having won multiple awards for fuel-efficiency. The B8 is a sturdy vehicle that will always get your family from A to B. 

3. Volkswagen Touareg V6

The Touareg may look like a bog-standard corporate sedan, but the reality is anything point.

Thanks to VW’s ownership of the luxury carmaker Porsche, the Touareg is kitted out with some of the same specs and hardware you’d expect in a hundred-thousand-dollar roadster.

The interior and engine are much the same as a Porsche Cayenne, but a pre-owned Touareg comes in at a substantially lower price. 

4. Volkswagen Jetta A6

The latest iteration of the VW Jetta offers the same level of quality and substance as a top-tier BMW, just for half of the price.

With a 229 HP engine, electric hybrid engine, and top speeds of 130 MpH, this is so much more than your average sedan.

In addition, the Jetta offers durability, solid gas mileage, and an option to go hybrid. When someone asks “are Volkswagen good cars?”, the Jetta should answer that question aptly.

5. Volkswagen Beetle 

An absolute timeless classic, the Bettle is one of those cool Volkswagen cars that everyone dreams of owning at some point.

Although not as practical as the other cars on this list, the Beetle rarely disappoints. They are much roomier than any other convertible auto on the market and are surprisingly good on off-road terrains.

Most importantly, the Beetle is just the kind of car you can fall in love with and treasure for years. 

Test Drive the Best Volkswagen Cars Today

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