The First-Timer’s Guide to Buying Used Rental Cars

Buying used rental cars

Looking to buy a used car?

You’re not alone! 40 million of them are sold every year in the US.

Unfortunately, there’s often a risk involved. With unscrupulous sellers, numerous past owners and many miles on the clock, a used car’s fitness for a purpose isn’t always guaranteed.

Used rental cars offer a useful alternative! Well-serviced and looked after, they offer the upside of used cars with fewer risks. Want to find out more?

Keep reading for five key tips and considerations for buying used rental cars.

1. Price Compare

A major perk of buying used rental cars is the price-tag.

Rental companies look to periodically refresh their fleet. They want to offer modern cars that attract renters, meaning they flog their old ones off for bargain prices.

However, it’s always worth checking the deal you’re getting. Make sure you price compare with the Kelley Blue Book. You can see prices for similar vehicles to ensure you’re getting a good price.

2. Make Use Of Longer Test Drives

Another perk of buying second-hand rentals is the extensive test-drive that’s usually available.

Rental cars have been around the block. It’s up to you to ensure they still feel, drive, and handle as promised.

Thankfully, rental companies usually offer would-be buyers test-drive opportunities. You can take the car out for hours at a time, or pay a fixed rate per day for even longer trials.

If you end up buying the vehicle, then they may even refund that expense.

3. Expect Fewer Options

Dealerships are great for the sheer array of vehicle options.

The lot might have hundreds of used cars available to buy. That degree of choice makes it easier to find the best car for your needs and desires.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for buying second-hand rentals.

These companies probably stock a select number of particular models. Everything from the makes and models available to the colors on offer can be limited.

That’s bad news if you enjoy having options at your disposal.

4. They’re Sold As-Is

Flexibility is another perk of purchasing from dealerships (like ours).

You can mix and match, adding features and upgrades as required. The same can’t be said of used rentals. Here, you buy the vehicle as it comes.

Remember, they aren’t in the business of selling cars! It isn’t in their interest to complicate the sales process. You get what you’re given and that’s that.

5. Expect Significant Mileage

All used cars have miles on the clock.

Alas, old rental cars have more than most. People rent these vehicles for days at a time and cover serious ground. Expect hefty odometer readings on any that you look at buying.

The good news is that they’re probably younger vehicles than those in typical dealerships.  

Enjoy Buying Used Rental Cars!

Buying used rental cars is a great bet for anyone hunting for second-hand vehicles.

But they aren’t without flaws. Hopefully, this post will help you realize if they’re right for you or not.

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