Three Reasons to Buy a Volkswagen Jetta

Did you know that the word Jetta is German for a jet stream? This aptly named vehicle has legendary status in the world of automotive history. With a strong pedigree and fan base, buying a Volkswagen Jetta might be the smartest idea you’ve ever had.

If you’re in the market for a Volkswagen Jetta, then you might want to take a look at this brief overview. Read below for some insight into this vehicle.

German Engineered Volkswagen Jetta

It’s no secret that when it comes to precision engineering, the German nation is among the best in the world. With the Volkswagen Jetta, precision engineering is exactly what you are getting.

Coming in a variety of engines from naturally aspirated 1.4 L petrol engine, to 2.0 turbo diesel injection engine, the Jetta model has any motor type for even the fussiest of petrol heads. The reliability and durability are no secret and if you want an engine that will take you from A to B and not let you down, the Jetta is the way to go.

Known for its sophisticated yet elegant interior, the Jetta has everything you would ever need, all in reach of the driver’s seat. Volkswagen’s infotainment system is widely recognized and is second to none. With android and apple car play capabilities, you will get the most out of the touchscreen.

Value For Money

Surprisingly with all these top features, A Volkswagen Jetta offers great value for money in the sedan market.  With most cargo space in its segment, you can fit the whole family in with ease. Do you want to go on holiday? Any Jetta will make it happen.

Considering most used sedans can fetch a pretty penny on the used car market, the Jetta is well priced and you don’t have to pay a premium for the features that it comes with. When a repair or service will is required, maintenance and repair parts are well priced. The Jetta isn’t a tough vehicle to work on, so the labor time charged for repairs won’t be extensive, all adding to the value for money.

Top In Safety

Year after year, Volkswagen Jetta scores top in safety ratings and scores well in crash testing. Jetta remains top in its class when it comes to safety technology, meaning that buying a used Jetta, will give you and the family peace of mind and offers superior protection compared to its competitors.

German’s Finest

Since the late 80s when the first Volkswagen Jetta came out and took the world by storm, the safety and technological features have gone from strength to strength and become one of the finest car models to come out of Volkswagens stable. 

Are you looking to buy a used Jetta? Not sure what engine type or features our models have? Get in touch with our team today and we will make the deal happen, hassle-free!