Top 5 Features of a Good Pre-Owned Car You Should Know

An engine, the wheels, and a place to sit. At its most basic form, a car is essentially this.

But just because you’re buying used doesn’t mean you have to settle for Fred Flintstone’s car. You need more than just the basics to ensure a safe, comfortable ride.

Here are our top five features to look for in the used cars to make getting from point A to point B a little more enjoyable.

Heated/Cooled Seats

There’s nothing like heated seats when it’s cold out. With that said, they’re only necessary a fraction of the time.

The solution?

Newer vehicles (and the best used car makes) are more likely to include a cooling feature as well. Any given day will rarely boast absolutely perfect driving conditions, but with the ability to have your seat heated and cooled, that won’t matter. Conditions will always be perfect in your car.

Rear Back-Up Camera

This is a peace-of-mind necessity. Whether you’re backing out of your driveway where the kids regularly play or you’re leaving the grocery store parking lot, this feature will save you worry and hassle.

A back-up camera prevents you from backing into other cars and people, low barriers, or small pets walking nearby. Never wonder what’s behind you again.

Forward Collision Warning

Let’s face it, even the best drivers get caught looking the wrong way for a moment. You’re shoulder checking one second and then slamming on your brakes the next.

Collision warning gives you more time to react so you aren’t panicking to stop before you rear-end the car in front of you.

Many models also come with brake-assist built-in, which helps to mitigate the problem even more. While there are drivers who might feel that brake-assist takes control away from them, the safety benefits tend to outweigh the loss. If that still doesn’t convince you, most will at least agree that forward collision warning is a safe, effective compromise that lets them keep control.

Another advance warning in an emergency can only be a good thing.

Android Auto/Apple Carplay

Safety is vital, but comfort and the ability to enjoy the drive can’t be overlooked. The convenience of pairing your vehicle to your smartphone is a necessity for most people now.

Whether you want to access your phone’s music files or use your downloaded maps, you’ll have access to it all. The best used cars to buy will have this feature.

Blind Spot Warning

Another great safety feature, blind spot warnings, will often appear as a light on your side mirrors indicating when another vehicle has slipped into your blind spot. Often it can be accompanied by a sound to warn you, too.

Where a driver’s inattentiveness before this feature used to cost them an expensive accident, now the vehicle helps do some of the checking for you so your drive can be a little more relaxing.

Dream Features Can Still Be Yours in a Pre-owned Vehicle

These are some of our favorite features on used cars right now. Your wish list might be different. It’s important to make a list of your own priorities in a car before buying and avoid being dazzled by some of the flashy non-essentials.

Whatever you’re looking for, our knowledgeable sales staff at Terry Auto Group can steer you in the right direction. Drop by and take a look at our inventory of the best used cars in the area with these and many other great features. Or contact us to book a test drive or get more information on one of our vehicles.