Used vs New Volkswagen Sedans: Which Is Right for You?

So, you need a new car. You’re eyeing multiple models, but your eyes keep drifting back to a Volkswagen sedan.

Volkswagen sedans are sleek and stylish. Sometimes the word “Volkswagen” brings forth images of vintage Beetle cars, but the new Volkswagen sedans are anything but something out of a black-and-white photo.

Sometimes it’s easier to buy used, but with the new Volkswagen models, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a new car. If you’re not convinced yet, let’s break down the cool features of the different 2020 Volkswagen models below.

2020 Jetta

Compact but cozy, the 2020 Volkswagon Jetta is bound to be a great fit for you. It’s fit with LED headlights and taillights, plus a digital cockpit, so you won’t be getting lost on dark roads anymore.

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit in the 2020 Jetta allows you to fully personalize it to your own preferred settings. Not only that, but with CarPlay you can hook up your iPhone or Android to have your apps, like Podcasts and more, on the go.

The 2020 VW Jetta is the way to go if you’re looking for something compact and comfortable. Terry Volkswagen has you covered with a dealership discount, plus additional discounts for college students or military officers.

2020 Jetta GLI

You might be wondering what makes the 2020 Jetta GLI different than the 2020 Jetta model. The 2020 Jetta GLI’s strong performance is the focus for it. You can even use its Performance Monitor to keep track.

It also has interior lighting in 10 colors! Pick your favorite to set the ambiance depending on your mood or who you’ve got in your car.

In addition, this model has Driving Mode Selection, so you can decide how your 2020 Jetta GLI will perform in the moment. If you’re not feeling Normal, you can always go for Eco, Snow, or Custom depending on the situation on the road.

2020 Passat

You’re gonna love the three-feet of legroom in the 2020 Volkswagen Passat. Not only that, but you’ve got remote heat-up for the coldest days, so you can finish your coffee before hopping in the car.

There are over 50 features to explore in a 2020 Passat. It’s got a little bit of everything!

2020 Arteon

Check out that classy roof and back-of-car merge! This kind of style is here to show off the 2020 Volkswagen Arteon’s modern, sleek look. It’s even got a trunk that opens hands-free.

The 2020 VW Arteon has the best steering and all-wheel drive of all of the other Volkswagen sedans mentioned previously. It performs better for traction, braking, turning, and speed.

The 2020 Arteon is available now with a dealer discount and other additional discounts if you’re a college student or a military officer.

Get One of the New Volkswagen Sedans Today

You won’t regret it. The new Volkswagen sedans have so many high-tech and glossy features that there’s no question as to if you should buy used or new. The answer is new!

Think of buying one of the new Volkswagen models as an investment that will make driving more comfortable and a lot more fun. Take your pick between the four new 2020 Volkswagen sedans!