Volkswagen Maintenance

What Will Your Volkswagen Maintenance Cost Look Like? the Answer Will Pleasantly Surprise You

You are preparing to buy a new Volkswagen. Hooray! Congratulations!

A new car purchase is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to cost. We’re here to help!

Beyond just the price of the make and model of the car you want, you should consider how much it will cost to maintain the car before making your purchase.

The information below will help you understand Volkswagen maintenance cost and ultimately make the perfect choice for your new car.

Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain?

The short answer is, no. Volkswagen vehicles are not expensive to maintain. In a study of 30 major car brands, Volkwagen ranked far below most comparable brands in total cost to maintain.

At just $7,800 for 10 years of maintenance, meaning on average $780 per year, Volkswagen ranked below Volvo, Dodge, and Kia among others.

Maintenance cost refers to all work associated to keep the car engine and other parts running smoothly and as expected.

Maintenance cost includes the labor and materials required to have your oil and filter checked, tires checked, and regular inspection of other fluids and pieces of the engine.

A Volkswagen maintenance schedule is based on the total number of miles driven by the vehicle. Check out this overview on service and maintenance for your Volkswagen vehicle.

The bottom line: Volkswagen maintenance costs are below average and the car itself has a reputation of reliability.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Volkswagen?

The cost of repairs will vary depending on the make and model as well as the type of repair needed. You can get a repair estimate online or over the phone for your Volkswagen before taking it into a professional.

Keep in mind that Volkswagen vehicles also have an exceptional warranty.

Volkswagen vehicles are covered for 4 years or 80,000 km (whichever comes first), which is 1 year and 20,000 km more than the average competitor warranty.

Be on the lookout for specials on services and parts in order to try to save money when having maintenance or other work done on the car.

How Much Will I Pay to Get Maintenance Done at the Dealership?

It is quick and easy to book an appointment for maintenance at your local Volkswagen dealership.

You can always call ahead of time to see if you can get an estimate for the work based on the specifications of your car and the services that are required.

Volkswagen dealerships are known for superior service, which is why many Volkwagon owners choose to have repairs and maintenance done at the dealership. You can also have work done at a repair or body shop that services European cars.

How Does Volkswagen Maintenance Cost Compare?

Budgeting for maintenance costs should be a factor when deciding which car to get. Compare maintenance costs online or ask the dealer what you can expect to pay annually for maintenance on the particular model you want to buy.

It’s Time to Buy

Now that you have more information on the Volkswagen maintenance cost, it’s time to find the perfect vehicle for you.

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