Why the Volkswagen GTI is Best for City Driving

You have several options when it is time to purchase a new vehicle. Volkswagen is a long-time favorite and they still put out some of the best cars you’ll find.

The Volkswagen GTI is an option that you should consider if you have a regular commute and want the best car to get around in.

Here is why the Volkswagen GTI is one of the best vehicles out when it comes to city driving.

This Car Gets Amazing Fuel Economy

Drivers love the Volkswagen GTI because of its amazing fuel economy. This is one of the most important matters when buying a commuter vehicle because burning up gas can also burn up your wallet.

These vehicles often get better than 30 miles per gallon, which means you won’t have to fill up your tank as often. For a person who commutes on a daily basis, the fuel economy of your new car is crucial.

The Vehicle Can Haul a Heavy Load

While the Volkswagen GTI is a small vehicle, it still carries a big load. You can haul everything from several large boxes to a mattress in this vehicle because of its hauling capacity and the amount of space that it has.

People that love cycling can easily load up their bikes on their vehicles and then take it on a trail or in the park. You can also haul some caping and hiking gear if you’re an outdoors person.

It Accelerates Quickly and Handles Well

You’ll be able to zip through traffic without a problem when you buy a GTI. It accelerates quickly without you having to slam on the gas pedal.

This car also has careful handling so that you never lose control of the vehicle when you’re turning and switching lanes. Because this Volkswagen handles so well, it’ll be a joy for you to drive each day to and from work.

The vehicle is already safe, but when you pair it with a protection plan you will truly have peace of mind.

The Technology Will Entertain You in Traffic

Who doesn’t need a little bit of entertainment on their daily commute? This Volkswagen GTI will keep you entertained because you can add your Bluetooth devices and listen to all your favorite content.

The newer GTI models let you use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and the car even comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot. You’ll be able to stay connected to all of your devices, keep them charged, and stay comfortable when you drive.

Your commutes won’t have to be a burden when you’re able to listen to music or audiobooks whenever you want to.

Get the Perfect Car for City Driving

City driving will be more pleasure than pain when you’re getting around in the Volkswagen GTI. If you are thinking about buying a new automobile for your commute, this one should be at the top of your list of possibilities.

Reach out to us if you’d like to buy a new Volkswagen vehicle or to get service on your current automobile.